TechnoPack is a revolutionary consumable centered on the SmartMixingUnit. By combining the benefits of water, air and soap into a perfect emulsion.

This breakthrough innovation offers you an unmatched advantage with substantial economy of resources. With ten times less water and six to twelve times less soap consumption.

Every molecule of soap will be coupled with aerated water in the mixing chamber and thus, be perfectly crafted for a complete cleaning experience.

The soap is evenly dispersed within water allowing a generous amount of coverage to the hands.

In addition, our special soap is dermatologically tested and gentle for your skin with a pleasant aroma providing a unique and enjoyable sensation.
*New non-scented and scented flavours available in 2019.

Growth of germs is a critical hurdle that occurs in all dispensers. Smixin addresses this by engineering our Technopacks to be long-life disposable. This then allows you to exchange only after 2,500 or 3,000 washes per Technopack — depending on your chosen system.

With this, Smixin solves the critical germ growth issue in soap dispensers at its roots allowing you to rest easy knowing your system is hygienic both inside and out.

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